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Inside Family Law

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  • For someone navigating the Family Law system after a relationship breakdown, its complex processes, jargon and unfamiliar concepts can be daunting.


    Through rare and candid conversations, Inside Family Law demystifies family law and empowers those embarking on the process. It will help you find the path to a positive outcome for everyone involved. Readers can access interviews across Australia with Judges, family lawyers, barristers, expert psychiatrists, family therapists, forensic accountants, expert business and property valuers and also firsthand accounts of the system, including children’s stories.


    Topical, insightful, and practical, Inside Family Law covers parenting and property matters, Court and settlement processes.


    Designed to be dipped into, it includes 60 key questions and answers, and highlighted tips throughout give instant access to key points.


    Though primarily intended for those separating, Inside Family Law is equally useful for family lawyers wanting to enrich their understanding of the perspectives of Judges, other professionals, and most importantly the clients they serve. It also has relevance for anyone working in the area, or working with families more broadly, as well as academics and those studying family law.


    Equal parts law, practical teachings and raw humanity, Inside Family Law captures all angles of the family law system and allows readers to pick the brains of the leading minds in family law such as:


    Judge Joe Harman, The Honourable Justice Peter Rose, Former Federal Circuit Court Judge Stephen Scarlett, recently retired Federal Circuit Court Judge Robyn Sexton, Dr Antony Milch, Alison O’Neill, Linda Campbell, Brian Pickup, David Bird, Mark Lipson, Trevor Tockar, David Barry, Cristina Huesch and Stephen Page.

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