Mediation with Zoë Durand at $1,450 plus 1.9% for payment by credit card or PayPal. 


Please only use this payment option after speaking with Zoë Durand, noting that preferred payment is usually by electronic bank transfer and payment here is only to be made if bank transfer is not possible for a previously booked mediation.  Mediations are not to be booked here, but via contacting Zoë Durand directly.

One party's half of Mediation fee (7 hours) with Zoë Durand



    "Zoë made us both feel comfortable and explained the process thoroughly as well as expectations. As we were comfortable, we were able to air our "grievances" and come to an amicable solution.  Zoë encouraged us to speak to each other. The process was wonderful. After this experience I would prefer mediation to any other kind of problem solving. I would not have changed a thing about how the mediation was conducted."

    —  Client in mediation (Guardianship Tribunal matter)

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