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Inside Family Law for Family Lawyers

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Hear the firsthand family law stories from those who have been there and navigated the system firsthand. 


Interviewees share what they wish they had known from the start


Hear raw and honest stories from men, women and those who were children during the process.


Stories include:

  • On being a child with parents going through bitter litigation about parenting.


  • On being a teenager, protected (yet not) throughout her parent’s separation outside of court.


  • On being a mother with a child who is self-harming in family law proceedings


  • On how the court process facilitated ongoing abuse from an ex-husband


  • On being a father and survivor of domestic violence at the hands of his ex-wife and misuse of child support.


  • On being an ex-husband and self represented litigant in property proceedings.


  • On being a father and ex-husband resolving property matters outside of court.


  • On being the new partner of (and funding) a mother trying to have Orders for supervised time only reviewed.


  • A single gay dad’s journey through international commercial surrogacy to have his daughter.



From now until 22 October 2018 you can purchase Inside Family Law on pre-order. 

Why pre-order?

For pre-order only there will be free shipping AND also we will donate $1 from each pre-order purchase to Justice Connect. 


For a non-lawyer navigating the Family Law system after a relationship breakdown, its complex processes, jargon and unfamiliar concepts can be daunting. 

Inside Family Law demystifies family law and empowers those embarking on the process. It will help you find the path to a positive outcome for everyone involved. Readers can access interviews across Australia with Judges, family lawyers, barristers, expert psychiatrists, family therapists, forensic accountants, expert business and property valuers and also firsthand accounts of the system, including children’s stories.  Understand more about family law direct from those who work on the ground in the area.

Designed to be dipped into, it includes 60 key questions and answers, and highlighted tips throughout give instant access to key points. In an easy to skim and read Q&A interview style, Inside Family Law is conversational and accessible for those navigating the system and will help readers unlock the thinking, concepts and language of family law. 

It provides readers with the closest possible experience to having a fireside chat with Judges, other experts and professionals that would not otherwise be easy to access.

It gives readers real life "behind the scenes" information you cannot find in textbooks such as a practical breakdown of what actually happens on the day of the interviews with a psychiatrist or psychologist Court expert, step by step how to organisation of documents for your lawyer to save time and money and much more (see below)

Topical, insightful, and practical, Inside Family Law covers parenting and property matters, Court and settlement processes.

Equal parts law, practical teachings and raw humanity, Inside Family Law captures all angles of the family law system.

Interviews include: Judge Joe Harman, The Honourable Justice Peter Rose AM QC, Former Federal Circuit Court Judge Stephen Scarlett OAM RFD, Former Federal Circuit Court Judge Robyn Sexton, Dr Antony Milch, Alison O’Neill, Linda Campbell, Brian Pickup, David Bird, Mark Lipson, Trevor Tockar, Tom Hutchings, David Barry, Cristina Huesch and Stephen Page.

Inside Family Law includes, practical tips from interviewees amongst many other topics:


  • When should I seek legal advice?

  • What are the 4 essential questions I should ask my lawyer according to a Family Court Judge?

  • I know every matter is different, but as an overview of the whole process, what are the kinds of pathways a matter might take from very start to the finish?

  • How can I best prepare information for my lawyer to save time and legal fees?

  • How can I familiarise myself with the Court process?

  • How can I settle my matter without Court? What is the mediation process?

  • How should I be communicating with my ex partner? What is a Judge’s views on how will such communication be perceived by the Court? How should I be using SMS communication with my ex partner?

  • How should I use social media during separation?

  • My partner and I lived here and also overseas, what are some of the issues that may arise?

  • How does the Court define family violence?  What kinds of things are regarded as family violenceIf I have been a victim of family violence how can I best explain this to the Court?

  • What are some practical tips for how I can take care of myself and maintain energy during the separation?


  • What is the process for an expert to prepare an expert psychologist or psychiatrist report? What other material does the expert consider besides meeting with me and my family? What actually happens on the day I am interviewed by a psychiatrist or psychologist Court expert? What do I do if I disagree with the expert psychiatrist or psychologist report? How can I challenge it?

  • How can I best support my child through the separation?

  • How do I explain the separation to my children?

  • How can I co-parent with my ex partner when we just cannot get along?

  • What are the ways my child's voice and opinions heard in the Court process?

  • What can I do if my child is being turned against me or alienated from me by the other parent?

  • When should I introduce new partners to my child?

  • If I am having my time supervised by a contact supervisor, what are the kinds of things supervisors look for and include in their supervision reports and what is the purpose of such reports?

  • What support and resources are available if I am thinking about surrogacy?



  • What can I do if I believe my ex-partner has hidden assets or monies and how can a forensic accountant assist?

  • What are the things I must consider in terms of the practical application of any property division? In particular with regards to superannuation and/ or tax issues I need to consider if I am separating?

  • What do I do if I have been the person who is less involved in financial matters during the relationship?  How can I re-empower myself?

  • What is the process an expert business valuer goes through in valuing a business in family law property matters? What are the methodologies used? How can I best provide information to the expert business valuer?

  • What are my options if my ex partner and I are both involved in the family business?  I am concerned about how our separation is going to affect the business.

  • What is the process for preparing an expert valuation on my investment property or home in family law property matters? What should I be doing to prepare my property for valuation?

  • What can happen in family law Court matters if there has been tax fraud?

  • I am considering a prenuptial agreement, but what are some of the risks and benefits with these?


"Zoë made us both feel comfortable and explained the process thoroughly as well as expectations. As we were comfortable, we were able to air our "grievances" and come to an amicable solution.  Zoë encouraged us to speak to each other. The process was wonderful. After this experience I would prefer mediation to any other kind of problem solving. I would not have changed a thing about how the mediation was conducted."

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