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Available as a digital course or face to face.

How to build your personalised + powerful Business Development Strategy: Unlock the art of networking, branding, marketing, media, public relations, building referral chains and financial hygiene. Stand out from the pack.

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Unlock  the 6 pillars of the business behind lawyering:

1. T H E   R O C K S T A R

2. T H E    R A I N M A K E R

3. T H E    N E T W O R K I N G    N I N J A

4. M A R K E T I N G   +   M E D I A   

5. T H E  ( H O N E S T   +   A B U N D A N T )   M O N E Y M A K E R

6. T H E   C A R E T A K E R

your facilitators

Megan Greig is a pre-eminent marketing and branding professional with over 12 years’ experience. The companies Megan has works with have had clients who are leaders in their industries such as ZipMoney, SnapChat, Employsure, CBA, Macquarie Bank, Vodafone, UBS, Deutsche, Estee Lauder, LogMeIn, Dimension Data, TOLL, Woolworths, NSW Bar Association and 100s more.


Megan works closely with CEOs and Senior Management to define marketing strategies that support business growth, revenue targets and increase ROI.

Zoë Durand is the principal mediator (FDRP and Nationally Accredited Mediator) at Mediation Answers.  She won the APAC Legal Award for Family Law Mediator of the Year and Best Publication of the Year for Inside Family Law.

Together Megan and Zoë have combined their interdisciplinary expertise to co-create a course about marketing, media, branding, referral chains and growing sources of work, networking, client care and testimonials, and financial hygiene in a way that is bespoke to lawyers and the realities of legal work.

why sos lawyer magic?

In this unique immersive workshop designed especially for lawyers Zoë Durand (mediator, lawyer and author of the highly publicised Inside Family Law) and Megan Greig (marketing, branding and lead generation expert) empower you with all the essential, yet often neglected, non-legal skills needed to succeed in law.


Being a lawyer is not always easy.  Often we are expected to wear many hats, or even pull a rabbit out of a hat (a.k.a be a magician!) In addition to staying across changes in the law and having the requisite technical legal skills, lawyers need to generate work, build referral chains, get paid, have positive client relationships, and increasingly it is necessary to build their brand via traditional and also social media.


Many firms reward lawyers for generating personal referral work. Either directly through bonuses or remuneration structures, or more broadly, advancement at most firms is significantly determined by the ability to attract clients referrals, build a profile and position one’s self as an expert in the field. 


Whilst this is a key factor in success, most lawyers receive zero to little training on how to actually make generating work, networking, marketing, profile and brand building happen in a real way.


For smaller or sole practitioner firms, the ability to generate work is literally a matter of do or die.


Seeing this disconnect between what lawyers need to know, yet are rarely explicitly taught, Zoë and Megan teamed up to create SOS Lawyer Magic to demystify these topics and empower lawyers with the tools and real-life action plans they need to soar. 


SOS Lawyer Magic is both big picture and inspirational and covers nitty gritty step-by-step practical steps.  It ensures you devote a few hours of power this year to all those BD and other tasks that otherwise simply slide down (and ultimately off) your “to do” list.