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See what Judges, barristers, lawyers, professionals, journalists and most importantly clients have to say about Zoë's work as a mediator, lawyer, guest speaker and author on family law.

As a mediator

"Dear Zoe,
I wanted to extend my debt of gratitude for your efforts today in assisting my client at the parenting and property mediation to achieve an outcome that (to my observation) all parties recognised was fair and just.
You did so by treating each of the parties with respect, working with not only the parties but the lawyers.  I feel that both clients felt they had been heard, and even where they struggled to express themselves your ‘take out’ was accurate and gratefully adopted.
Please be assured you made a positive difference to 2 people today and their 2 children.  4 people are now ready to enter the next chapter of their lives with optimism.
Thank you.
Greg Parker”

        - Greg Parker, Partner, Swaab Attorneys


“Hi Zoe. Thanks again for the mediation yesterday. My client informed me that he felt comforted by your intake session with him in the lead up, and that seemed to make for a more open and trusting start to the day with you from his perspective.  There were some tense times there, but between the parties; but you managed to summarise the issues and defuse any tension seamlessly. I’m sure they are both relieved that all matters have now been resolved. Looking forward to working with you again!”

        - Courtney Mullen, Director, Farrar Gesini Dunn


"Hi Zoe,

Thank you for assisting the parties yesterday to resolve their property and parenting matters.

You structured the mediation in accordance with exactly what the parties needed to reach a resolution. You were personable and relatable with my client, empathetic where necessary but also straight down the line.

It was a pleasure working with you and I would not hesitate to recommend you as a mediator to any family law practitioner.

Kind Regards,

Briony Doyle"

        - Briony Doyle, family lawyer at Fox & Staniland Lawyers


"The discussion remained calm and focused and resolution was clear and agreed to by both parties, without either feeling they had "lost face." I am completely happy with the way Zoë handled the entire process."


''Zoë thanks for your assistance with the matter.  I was doubtful that we would resolve the matter at the start of the day. However I think the outcome was fair. I appreciate that you encouraged us to stay and reduce the agreement to writing as I am now confident this is an agreement that will stick.'' 

        - solicitor

"Dear Zoë you did a great job today, thanks. 

From the beginning you settled the parties in nicely and the introduction of your role was excellent.

I was impressed by your ability to gather information regarding the crux of the matter and in particular you communicated well with the clients and did a great job with delivery of information from the other side to generate thought and discussion and were able to focus the parties to consider appropriate solutions and settlement.  I appreciated that you prepared a Heads of Agreement that covenants the agreement instantly."

        - Wayne Condon, principal, Condon Legal

"Zoe - thanks for today.

You were attentive and listened to the client and both the legal representatives concerns and information.  I thought you had an air of confidence and did well to put the clients at ease.  Also importantly, you acted impartially and fairly.  Keep up the good work. "

        - Andrew Smith, barrister at University Chambers

"Zoë, just wanted to say thanks so much for today. I was really happy with your work as a mediator. "

        - client

"Thanks so much. The mediation today was efficient and ran smoothly. There wasn't anything that I think could have been done differently."

        - client

"Zoë you were very good at helping both parties to see logic today thanks!"

        - solicitor

"I think that the mediation process went well because each party was able to raise issues of importance to them in a non-judgemental atmosphere and there was sufficient time allocated to each issue. Zoë you worked hard to work through road blocks and assist the parties to generate options. "

        - Belinda Viset, family lawyer

"Today I felt very comfortable in the process and that it was a safe environment created by you that was non-judgemental.   There was nothing I would change about today. I was very happy with the mediation process." 

        - client

"Zoë thanks for today.  You did a really good job at identifying the issues in dispute and helping the parties reach agreement.  The process allowed the parties to look at things from a different perspective.  I was very impressed with your work and the process."

        - Audrey Diliberto, lawyer, Bell Lawyers 

"Zoë thanks for today.  I felt there was a high level of respect and care towards both me and my ex partner." 

        - client

"Thanks for today.  You were really prepared and it was obvious you were on top of all the issues.  I also appreciate you recognised the right time when there was a need to separate the parties.  Thanks for being respectful with the clients and showing empathy.  I will be using you again and recommending you to others. "

         - Maria Monastiriotis, Lawyer and Group principal, Nexus Lawyers


"Zoë made us both feel comfortable and explained the process thoroughly as well as expectations. As we were comfortable, we were able to air our "grievances" and come to an amicable solution.  Zoë encouraged us to speak to each other. The process was wonderful. After this experience I would prefer mediation to any other kind of problem solving. I would not have changed a thing about how the mediation was conducted."

        -client in mediation regarding Guardianship Tribunal matter

"It is interesting the different things that can block agreement during a matter. Even though I am a lawyer dare I say that in this matter maybe it was us lawyers making it worse! I really appreciated the way you were able to get the other lawyer and I in a room together (when previously communication had been quite hostile) to nut out the terms of the agreement. Sometimes communication can get heated when all your dealings with the other solicitor are in writing. Things were so different at the mediation face to face and you did really well at getting both of us to work well together in drafting the Heads of Agreement."

               - solicitor


"Thanks Zoe well done today. Good friendly approach pays dividends I think. Upon reflection I think your strength as a mediator is that in your approach at mediation it is not about you, but is about the clients."

        - Alan Taylor, lawyer, North Coast law, Palmwoods, QLD

"Dear Zoe

Thanks for your assistance recently. I know it was a complicated mediation both in terms of parenting and property issues. Thanks for establishing a good rapport with the clients and also your helpful suggestions as to the way forward. You were empathetic and attentive and I look forward to working with you again.


Dianna Kovacevic"

        - Dianna Kovacevic, Principal, Kovacevic Lawyers, Woollongong

"Thanks for encouraging us to think of creative solutions outside the box."

               - client

"Zoë thanks for the way you conducted the mediation and in particular the way you handled things when we needed to separate into different rooms."



​“Zoe, I really appreciated the way you opened the mediation with the initial session which solidified shared ground and mutual understanding and created momentum on resolving the issues.”



“Zoe just wanted to say that from start to finish you conducted your mediation in a relaxed, but professional way that was conducive to resolution.  Your manner puts the parties at ease which meant they were more open to listening to each other.  You were realistic about the outcomes of mediation and focused on reaching agreement that will last.  I will be recommending you to others.”

               -Melissa Sharpe, Sharpe Legal and Conveyancing


“Hey Zoe, just wanted to say you were able to build trust with all the parties today. In my opinion trust is crucial for the success of a mediation and your empathetic approach really allowed the parties to communicate their position. The real value of all this is if all relevant issues are on the table, the possibility of getting to a yes is much more likely.  I will be recommending you as a mediator to others.”

               -William Calokerinos, barrister, Second Floor Wentworth Chambers


Zoe – thanks for today. I just wanted to say that I think it helped to have such a clear agenda which provided structure and made us feel that all points were important. I also noticed that you worked with the less tense items first and build up from there.  Thanks also for the way you kept things on track and rehashed what we were each saying to reach understanding and reduce animosity.”



“Thanks Zoe – I feel we now have clarity on what there is left to work through.  The process really allowed us to listen to each other and work out some compromises. Thank you!”



“Thanks Zoe for your very professional work today.  You were able to mediate an outcome which was beyond what I thought was possible. This is the first (and I hope last!) time I am in a situation that necessitates having a mediation, so I can’t compare it to anything else, but to be honest I can’t think of anything that could have been improved upon. Thanks so much.”



“Thanks Zoe, I really appreciated the way you explained the process on the day and kept us appraised of the progress.  I always had the feeling that we were moving ahead in the process and obviously am relieved all issues were resolved. Thanks.



“Thanks for your assistance.  You have been really professional and diligent in your approach to mediation and have addressed each issue.  In particular I noticed you were very particular in your attention to detail and approach to the clients.”

               -Rana Saab, Founding partner, Saab Law Group


As the author of Inside Family Law


"Durand gets to the human side of law... other authors of law books could learn from her precise questioning, her focus on the emotional and psychological toll of law...along with her focus on the effect law has on society. The approach of asking these questions directly to those within the legal system (judges, lawyers and so on), is a fresh new approach to the problem, and one that again, deserves celebration for Durand’s efforts."

               -Joshua Krook, author and writer at The New Intrigue 

​"Zoë Durand has provided such an important resource for those going through the process looking for more perspective. I've been recommending Inside Family Law to all my friends." 

               -Isabel Lo, journalist, founder of Media Diversity Australia and former producer for ABC and CNN International 

"As far as I am aware- having worked in family law as a barrister, Judge and now mediator and arbitrator- there is no other book like this. If there is, despite many years working in this area, I certainly have never come across it. 

Inside Family Law offers the reader, whether a law student, academic, inexperienced lawyer, a lawyer wanting a refresher, a person going through a separation, a public servant, or politician (which today could be pretty important), quality knowledge and experience in the practise of family law in all its aspects, from representing and guidance of the client, to advocacy, appreciating psychological issues and their importance and more. The interview with Dr. Antony Milch in the book is a must-read. 

...This book, as far as I'm concerned, is prime real estate. That's because of its range of practical knowledge from leading experts. Should you want to know what makes a good family lawyer in practice, or the methodologies in valuing a business or real estate, or the wisdom gained in dealing with difficult child-related matters, the topics can be easily found in the well-organised index. In my opinion, a copy of this book is a must for all institutions teaching family law, as well as for those who are current or aspiring family law practitioners or those going through the family law process firsthand."

              -The Honourable Peter Rose AM QC, former Family Court Judge, adjunct professor at the University of Sydney, Mediator, Arbitrator

“As a journalist and someone who found themselves going through a separation, I found Zoe's book so helpful. I felt like I was sitting down with these Judges, barristers and other legal experts getting exactly the sort of information I needed.  I highly recommend this book for anyone about to embark on this difficult and overwhelming time.”

               -Justine Kearney, ABC journalist


​As a speaker


"I would like to thank you for coming to speak with my Family Law students yesterday.

Your talks were insightful and interesting, and gave students a much needed understanding and perspective about the reality of practising family law."

          - Dr Noam Peleg, lecturer at UNSW


“In particular I really enjoyed the informal question and answer part at the end of your talk. When you were talking so openly about your own experiences from the heart. You could feel the atmosphere in the room – everyone was on the edge of their seat.”

           - Olia Skvor, criminal and family lawyer

"Dear Zoe, 

Thanks for the workshop you ran for us on marketing and legal practice business strategy. We really think it has added value to our firm and in particular appreciated the practical, useful and strategic advice on how to establish and build our brand and develop and manage our client base. Thanks for adapting your knowledge and experience to our particular areas of practice and our individual needs. We will definitely be recommending you to others!”

        - Katherine Evans & Melodie Elliott, Evans & Elliott Lawyers.


As a lawyer

"As the barrister instructed, I also wanted to say that the way you managed this case was wonderful, both the first time round and again on the other’s party current application to reopen the matter. Your approach and management of the matter was balanced and reasoned. As always your preparation went above and beyond.  Congratulations to you for the Judgement in our client’s favour." 

               - Mary-Clare Kennedy, barrister at Waratah Chambers

"Thank you very much for your time, advice and kindness. I am truly grateful and felt inspired and strong when I left you.  Please accept these flowers as a token of my appreciation."

                - client

"Dear Zoe,

I am quite sad to hear that you will no longer be the Independent Children’s lawyer in this matter, but that is me being selfish.

I have worked with two excellent ICL’s in matters in the Family Court since commencing family court work. There is your excellent self and another.

You are to be commended for your open mind and your ability to see the issues and then to try and obtain a result in the child’s best interests and whilst that may sound quite routine and what should ordinarily be done, it in my view, rarely what happens. You are excellent. I hope you will continue to have the same amount of success that you have had to date in the future. You will no doubt win the minds of those whom you work with because of your ability and you will win hearts because of who you are."

              - solicitor in a matter in which Zoe was the Court Appointed Independent Children's Lawyer


"I would like to thank you for your amazing work as my solicitor through my extremely difficult, emotional and often unsettling divorce. Throughout the exhausting process, you explained fully, all the issues pertaining to my case in layman's terms and pointed out all options that were available to me. Moreover, the support you gave me went well beyond that of a retained divorce lawyer.

As you are aware, I have recommended several people to you and will continue to do so. I would just like to say how grateful I am for all that you have done for me and I feel blessed that you were the person who had to endure this case with me. Good luck for the future."

                - client

"Thank you for your instructions on this matter. In particular I wish to express my appreciation to Ms Durand for the very thorough way in which she prepared the matter, in particular the affidavits of our client. I am certain that this hard work led to the Barrister instructed obtaining the favourable orders that he did."

                - Paul Livingstone, barrister at Frederick Jordan Chambers

"Dear Zoe,

It was nice to meet and work with you as Independent Children’s Lawyer and it was a pleasure. You must be able to withstand much stress doing that sort of work all the time and be as pleasant as you are.

I am sure you will continue to succeed in your career. I really appreciate all the efforts you made."

                - solicitor in a matter in which Zoe was the Court Appointed Independent Children's Lawyer

"Dear Zoe, your approach is something that I was expecting and really missing from my previous lawyers. I didn't have to chase you but you made sure to inform me about any developments. This is something that a person in a similar situation as mine needs.

Thank you for your patience. I don't know how you can deal with similar cases every day. After finding you, I just wish you had been my first (and only) solicitor, I would have had much better understanding of the relevant factors in the property settlement and how they should have been done from the start."

                - client

"Your time and information was undoubtedly valuable and definitely worth the investment, I really appreciate how you captured and supported my situation in such a short time. It was lovely to meet you as well and thank you for your kindness."

                - client

"Zoe you were GOLD to me. There weren't many who could have stepped up to my ex like you did and give me the emotional guidance you gave. Thank you.  I have come through the other side now and my new partner and I are going beautifully. My ex and I keep a pleasant distance through email and text."

            - client

"Zoe Durand acted as a family lawyer for me in my property settlement matter with my wife. Throughout the entire proceedings I found her dealings with me cordial, constructive and surprisingly very relaxing and calming so much so that it was hard sometimes to believe that I was even going through a divorce and property settlement. She provided expert advice and considered all possible issues in my case, but always allowed me to decide what I felt most comfortable with, again pointing out the issues with whatever it was that I decided upon. I felt fully informed throughout the entire process. Over the period of time that I consulted with Zoe in fact she became more like a counsellor and trusted person to me.

The outcome of my matter (which involved an amicable settlement and Consent Orders outside of Court) was excellent and more than I had hoped for, and I felt that I had grown as a person. Whilst my wife and I were bitter towards each other prior to approaching Zoe, at the end of the process we became very good friends and now respect and understand each other better. Our little boy is also very happy and healthy as a result.

I have recommended Zoe to my brother who is a minister at his local Church. As a minister he is witness to many marriage break downs. To know that there are significantly better alternatives than Court and destructive adversarial cases is comforting.

Again, I cannot thank Zoe enough. Should I require any further dealings in matters of family law, I would unreservedly approach Zoe Durand, again."

                - client

"I have spoken to other (cheaper lawyers in my area) but found them to be difficult to talk to, you explained everything and were very honest."

                - client

"Dear Zoe,

I will of course advise anyone to consult you in case they need a lawyer or mediator. I may also be contacting you again one day as although I am hopeful, I never know when I may need to resort to the courts again.

Without you acting for me I would not be today so hopeful and able to enjoy a relationship with my son that I now have. I attached a couple of pictures of my son just because I am so proud :). 

Mes salutations les plus distinguées, Zoe !"

                - client and father (French national) 

"Thank you for these useful pieces of information. Also thank you very much for your advice on this. I find the letter excellent and you may send it at your earliest convenience. I completely agree with all the points that you just made. Please send your excellent and apt response, which does not require any amendment. In addition, I agree with the strategy that you have outlined.

The French barrister from Paris recommended by you to assist with my other matter in France has been great. He is being very competent, helpful, and generous (he has revised his fees in light of my difficult financial situation). So, thank you Zoe for this excellent reference. I expect to continue to work with this barrister on my other family issues in France.

Thank you for sending me the financial update about my account. And thank you Zoe for trying to rein in my costs. I have greatly appreciated your legal services. Thanking you once again for your help."

                - client in property matter

"Thank you so much for a focused, informed, effective (and at times humorous!) effort today at mediation.. I can't tell you how relieved I am that the entire matter is resolved and to bypass the whole courtroom nightmare and to have my kids with me.. I am truly grateful. I hope we stay in touch."

                - client

"Hi Zoe,

I appreciate your diligence. Thank you for all your work, you have been extremely helpful, supportive and competent."

                - client's mental health support worker at New Horizons

"Zoe Durand set about developing a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) that was completely tailored to my situation. At first I recommended cutting and pasting from an off the shelf BFA to save money, but quickly realised that was not going to work due to the complex nature of our situation and getting it legally right. She upfront negotiated a fixed fee that was higher than other lawyers but to my surprise I got a bargain, not just in billable hours, but in the quality of Zoe's advice and scrutiny placed in producing the BFA.

The complexity of the document and the number of changes needed to satisfy myself and my partner while keeping it a strong legally incontestable document was something that I did not forecast. I appreciated her responsiveness and quality work.

I would highly recommend using Zoe to complete a BFA due to her strong understanding of the legislation surrounding the legality of producing a legally strong binding document that should give you piece of mind that you have done everything you can to ensure that it is not contested or set aside by a court in the future."

                - client, in pre living together Binding Financial Agreement

Hi Zoe, now that you are already booked to appear in Court in another matter on the day my matter is in Court, I just wish I had just made the decision earlier and secured you for that day from when we first met at the initial conference. I obviously feel the connection with you as you grasped my situation so well and have offered me such great service.

                - client

"I am very happy with Zoe Durand's handling of my family law property matter. She worked hard and was very energetic in expediting all relevant correspondence and documentation.

Very conscious of not incurring undue costs, she would keep our phone conversations focused.

Being very personable, it was easy to communicate with her and she showed a great amount of tact and empathy in regard to some of the more delicate features of my matter.

Zoe was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the law and consistently offered excellent advice and proffered various options as to what course to follow.

During all phases of the court process and the Conciliation Conference she proved herself to be a clever tactician and a solid ally, supplying excellent advice and being great emotional support. I would unreservedly recommend her services and indeed would avail myself to them if I were in similar circumstances again."

                - client

"You are a brilliant lawyer. Thank you so much for your help and all the support. I wish you success and happiness."

                - client 

"Thank you for all your help. I believe the property outcome which you negotiated with the other party is what you told me I would probably get in the very first place. Yes, I'm actually aware that I'm a pain, but I do appreciate all your work!

                - client

I hope none of my friends, family or myself ever goes through what I went through and needs to use your help, but if they do I will definitely know who to recommend.

                - client

"Thank you so much Zoë. Meeting with you was like a godsend just appeared in front of me and told me "It's okay, you can come out now", after spending 10 years controlled and abused by my ex husband. I have had no say in my children's life and now I have the strength to fight for my freedom. Thank you so much for your help. I am really thankful. God bless you.

                - client

"Hi Zoe – I am so impressed with the Affidavit for interim hearing. It all hung together so well I don’t know how you did it. All the incidents, which on their own are not major, the way you pieced them together was just brilliant."

                - client

"In 2012, feeling anxious and out of my depths, I contacted Zoe Durand, who took on my matter, which was a dispute with my ex about our child.

From the get go, Zoe has been warm and comforting; carefully taking in the abundance of information I'd given her, while always keeping me informed of the many possible outcomes of my matter and giving constructive advice and guidance that has helped navigate me through what would have otherwise been an impossible whirlwind.

Having Zoe as my representation has given me a sense of comfort and much needed relief.

Through almost 3 years of litigation regarding our child, Zoe stayed strong and productive when faced with receiving constant correspondence, reviewing/composing lengthy documents, drafting of letters and somehow managing other clients.

During times where my matter became overwhelming, Zoe was always able to prioritise what did and didn't need attention, gently shifting focus to the points of importance, saving me time and also money in fees.

Approaching court hearings and especially in the lead up to my trial, Zoe worked incredibly hard and put her all into making sure all parts of my documents and evidence were completed and completed well.

She threw herself in the deep end and went above and beyond all my expectations.

To this day, Zoe continues to represent me (because unfortunately my ex tried to start proceedings again) to this standard and continues to do everything in her power to achieve excellent results for me; in and out of the courtroom.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have this outstanding, empathetic, and hard working solicitor representing me and would highly recommend her services."

             - client  

"A huge thanks to you Zoe for the exceptional management of my recent family law matter. Zoe was not only across all requirements, she was responsive and quick to act at all stages and gained a great result."

                 - client

"Thank you so much for your personal approach. I really appreciated the way you can pick up people when they are most vulnerable and work to assist them in such a caring manner. It really is beautiful and most appreciated. Thanks not only for your legal advice and expertise but also your reassuring words and manner and your kindness."

                 - client

"It has been a pleasure working with you, only wish that I had listened to you the first time but we will get this sorted."

                 - client

"Thank you to you and all your staff for your ongoing support and all the tedious, time consuming work to gain the best outcome for me.  I hope you enjoy these flowers."

                - client

"I (Counsel instructed) am really pleased with the affidavit for final hearing. It reads really well. It has a really good logical structure."

                - barrister from Waratah Chambers

"Dear Zoe,

Thank you for all your assistance and patience with my matter. I appreciate all your help and hope you enjoy these chocolates. Please enjoy them with your family. I am grateful for your kindness and it will always be remembered. Thank you and good luck with your future endeavours."

                - client 

"Thanks for all your help with everything. It's a big relief to finally have everything sorted and to be able to move on with my life."

                 - client

"It was a pleasure meeting you. I found today's discussion invaluable."

                  - client

"Thanks so much Zoe!! Thanks for everything and take care."

                 - client

"Thanks for your time today. It was great to get the insights about my situation from an expert. I hope to get in touch soon."

                 - client

"Thanks for all your help with everything. It's a big relief to finally have everything sorted and to be able to move on with my life."

                  - client

"Take care Zoe and a very big thank you for your assistance, I know the family and in particular the child would also say the same."

                - solicitor in a matter in which Zoe was the Independent Children's Lawyer

"I´d like to just let you know things are going well and now I think everything will be ok. Thanks for your help I really appreciate your care and assistance."

                - client

"Dear Zoe - Thank you again for your time and effort."

                - client


"I am really happy with the affidavit for final hearing. It builds and builds and makes paints the picture well. I am really happy with it."

                - client

"Hi Zoe - Thanks for all your help in the past. If I need any assistance in the future I hope to be able to call upon you. Cheers"

                - client


"Thank you for the contacts in France. I want to thank you again for your time yesterday and the efforts you are putting in. Once again, I really appreciate your efforts and support."

                - client

"Dear Zoe – in particular thank you for your efforts and availability."

                - client

"Dear Zoe - Thank you again for everything - it is so greatly appreciated."

                - client

"Dear Zoe - Appreciate your comments and advice. Also thanks for your feedback as you were able to guess and anticipate what really I wanted to know and would ask next."

                - client

"Thanks a lot, Zoe. It’s great to have you to help with my case. If I know anyone else that needs information around family law, I will refer you to them."

                - client


Thanks for all your help over the past 2 years. All your help, time, effort and hard work was definitely appreciated."

                - client

"Thanks for your time and advice it has been very helpful and given me a lot to think about."

                - client

"I trust you and know you will do what needs to be done in relation to my matter. Thank you for your understanding. All my sincerest best wishes to you. Thank you very much ! I am so grateful!"

                - client

"Zoe, thanks for a great looking and good reading affidavit… I am impressed by the passion and enthusiasm which you approached my matter with and your hard work."

                - client

"Thank you thank you! Huge weight off my shoulders."

                - client

"Thanks Zoe for frequently keeping me updated on my matter."

                - client


"Thanks so much for doing the extra legwork. Very kind of you! Thank you so much Zoe."

                - client

"Zoe, thank you. I agree with the approaches you suggested. Thank you Zoe! I treasure your advice!"

                - client

"Thanks for your time, I appreciated the excellent advice."

                - client

"Thank you very much for your help regarding my matter involving my daughter. It was good to work with you and you were so helpful to me. I feel a lot better now."

                - client

"Thanks for your help, now my matter is resolved I feel a weight off my shoulders and can't thank you enough."

                - client


"I cannot find the words to express how lucky I am to have you act for me in relation to my family law matter. I can assure you I will always be grateful that you worked on my matter."

                - client

"Many thanks for your professional and clear advice… Your professional response is complete and brings attention to the crucial points."

                - client


"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your help and the good advice that I was getting."

                - client

"I value your opinion and advice."

                - client

"Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put in on my matter! I really appreciate the excellent job you have done."

                - client


"Thanks Zoe for all the wonderful work you did on my matter."

                - client


"Zoe, thanks for all your help. I can now see an end to all this."

                - client

"Thanks for your help with my problem. It has always been nice to have your support."

                - client

"Thank you for your patience and counsel."

                - client


"Thanks for all your help Zoe. You've made this difficult transition in my life, very easy!"

                - client

"Thank you very much for your help during this phase of my life, you have made the best of a bad situation and I thank you for your assistance in this matter."

                - client

"Thanks for the excellent work on the Affidavit. It is excellent, you've done a great job and I'm very happy with it!"

                - client

"Thank you! I truly appreciate your honesty!"

                - client

"Zoe - I appreciate your efforts to provide me support and your review of the other party’s proposed settlement documents."

                - client

"Dear Zoe - Thank you for all your hard work and dedication…. Thanks for your understanding and patience."

                - client


"Zoe you are a legend I am so lucky you are on my matter. You make things happen."

                - client


"You did a great job at the settlement conference. You had your plan, you stuck to it and got the other party right where we wanted in terms of percentage split."

                - client

"You did such a great job. You were clear, I understood what was going on. I will definitely come back if I need you in the future. I will miss you Zoe!"

                - client

"I got more done with you in 1 day than with my other lawyers in 1.5 years. Finally things are moving along."

                - client

"Dear Zoe, I wanted to extend my debt of gratitude for your efforts today in assisting my client at the parenting and property mediation to achieve an outcome that (to my observation) all parties recognised was fair and just.
You did so by treating each of the parties with respect, working with not only the parties but the lawyers.  I feel that both clients felt they had been heard, and even where they struggled to express themselves your ‘take out’ was accurate and gratefully adopted.
Please be assured you made a positive difference to 2 people today and their 2 children.  4 people are now ready to enter the next chapter of their lives with optimism. Thank you.

Regards, Greg Parker”

               - Greg Parker, Partner, Swaab Attorneys, Sydney•


“Just a note to say thank you for your efforts in our recent mediation.  I am very grateful for the work you put in, both in terms of preparation, and in terms of working with the parties on the day.  The mediation proceeded with a lovely blend of firmness and kindness, and I know that for my client it was a positive experience.”

​               - Jacqui Dawson, Partner, Sexton Family Law, Sydney


"There is no other book like Inside Family Law. This book is 'prime real estate' because of its range of practical knowledge from leading experts... in my opinion a copy of this book is a must for all institutions teaching family law, for family lawyers or those going through the process firsthand."

               - The Honourable Peter Rose AM QC

               former Family Court Judge, mediator, arbitrator and adjunct lecturer at Sydney University


“I write to extend a debt of thanks to you for the assistance that you have provided recently to two of my clients in Mediations. I note that one of those Mediations dealt with property issues and the other dealt with a complex parenting arrangement.

You attacked each of the disputes in a unique and well thought out way which showed the clients, and me, that you had not only read and understood the material presented to you but had also thought quite considerably about how you could assist the parties in resolving their matter and moving forward.

There are many Mediators out there who simply pick up a Brief, moments before the Mediation is to commence and it is refreshing that you have broken the mould in this respect and come willing to devote all of your attention, focus and knowledge to genuinely providing assistance.

Your calm and comical manner suits well to the Mediation environment and I will be sure to recommend your services to other Practitioners.

I wish you well in the development of your Mediation practice and I look forward to working with you in other matters, so that sensible solutions can be found for clients, without waiting years in the Court system.”

               - Amy Jenkins, Partner, Russell Kennedy Lawyers, Sydney


"Hi Zoe, thank you for assisting the parties yesterday to resolve their property and parenting matters.

You structured the mediation in accordance with exactly what the parties needed to reach a resolution. You were personable and relatable with my client, empathetic where necessary but also straight down the line.

It was a pleasure working with you and I would not hesitate to recommend you as a mediator to any family law practitioner.

Kind Regards, Briony”

               - Briony Doyle, Associate, Fox & Staniland Lawyers, Sydney


“Hi Zoe. Thanks again for the mediation yesterday. My client informed me that he felt comforted by your intake session with him in the lead up, and that seemed to make for a more open and trusting start to the day with you from his perspective.  There were some tense times there, but between the parties; but you managed to summarise the issues and defuse any tension seamlessly. I’m sure they are both relieved that all matters have now been resolved. Looking forward to working with you again!”

        - Courtney Mullen, Director, Australian Family Lawyers, Canberra


Hi Zoe,

Thank you so much for the way you conducted our mediation. It was an unusual matter, where one party was self represented, requiring sensitivity and flexibility. Having a partial shuttle, and partial joint mediation gave us a way forward, and we reached a resolution. My client and I appreciated your knowledge and professionalism but also your warmth and understanding.
Sincerely and gratefully,

        - Joanna Knight, Barrister, Frederick Jordan Chambers


"Thanks for today.  You were really prepared and it was obvious you were on top of all the issues.  I also appreciate you recognised the right time when there was a need to separate the parties.  Thanks for being respectful with the clients and showing empathy.  I will be using you again and recommending you to others."

               - Maria Monastiriotis, Lawyer and Group principal, Nexus Lawyers, Sydney


“Mediation with Zoe is a thoroughly professional and structured process. Whether it be hearing out the technical arguments of legal practitioners or the more personal concerns of the parties, Zoe conducts her mediations with a masterful balance between ensuring a generous airing of the parties’ individual perspectives and keeping negotiations within reasonable bounds in the interests of a favourable and timely resolution, maintaining all the while a rigorous impartiality. Zoe’s multifaceted experience in the practical application of family law is evident throughout the mediation process, and where resolution or agreement are possible, parties are assured of a tireless perseverance from Zoe in considering all options and making all attempts to bring finality to proceedings.”

               - Muhamed Mehmedbasic, lawyer, JB Solicitors, Sydney


Hi Zoe, thank you for assisting my client in mediation for her property settlement matter. I appreciate your understanding and caring nature towards my client at such an emotional time.

               - Kirralee Dixon-Hall, lawyer, Rafton Family Lawyers, Richmond


"Zoë thanks for today.  You did a really good job at identifying the issues in dispute and helping the parties reach agreement.  The process allowed the parties to look at things from a different perspective.  I was very impressed with your work and the process."

               - Audrey Diliberto, lawyer, Bell Lawyers, Penrith

"Thanks Zoe well done today. Good friendly approach pays dividends I think. Upon reflection I think your strength as a mediator is that in your approach at mediation it is not about you, but is about the clients."

               - Alan Taylor, lawyer, North Coast Law, Palmwoods, QLD


"Zoe - thanks for today. You were attentive and listened to the client and both the legal representatives concerns and information.  I thought you did well to put the clients at ease.  Also importantly, you acted impartially and fairly."

               - Andrew Smith, barrister at University Chambers, Sydney


“Dear Zoe

Thanks for your assistance recently. I know it was a complicated mediation both in terms of parenting and property issues. Thanks for establishing a good rapport with the clients and also your helpful suggestions as to the way forward. You were empathetic and attentive and I look forward to working with you again. Thanks.”

               - Dianna Kovacevic, Principal, Kovacevic Lawyers, Woollongong


 “Zoe just wanted to say that from start to finish you conducted your mediation in a relaxed, but professional way that was conducive to resolution.  Your manner puts the parties at ease which meant they were more open to listening to each other.  You were realistic about the outcomes of mediation and focused on reaching agreement that will last.  I will be recommending you to others.”

               -Melissa Sharpe, Sharpe Legal and Conveyancing, Sydney


“Thank you Zoe for your help in the recent parenting matter. The parties started a long way apart and I saw no prospect of the matter settling.  You worked tirelessly over the course of the day and were able to get the parties to focus on their child, rather than on their dispute with each other. You were empathetic, kind and determined. It was great to get  to a set of consent orders signed and sent to Court for filing, all in one day. Thank you, Zoe.”

               -Thomas Galton, Senior Associate, Ryan Seton Law, Central Coast


“Dear Zoe, thank you for your assistance on Friday to help the parties reach a resolution of their property settlement.

You worked hard with both parties to help them reach an outcome that was just and equitable for them both, in a matter that had stalled and was dragging on too long. You treated both parties with respect and allowed them to be heard and understood, which is what was needed to reach a resolution in the matter.

Your approach, especially with the exchange of information and summary of the issues and approaches to settlement, really helped both parties focus on the reality of the situation and work towards a settlement”

               - Alana Jacquet, Managing Director, Lawyer, Our Lawyers, Mittagong, Southern Highlands


“Dear Zoe, Thank you for your excellent efforts at our recent mediation which resulted in settlement of a matter that had been going through the Court system for about 18 months. Your approach kept energy levels maintained throughout the process and your ability to encourage our clients to look for other options when the parties seemed to be at an impasse was handled in a respectful and measured way and was instrumental in getting our client over the line.

We look forward to working with you for future mediations and we will be recommending you to colleagues.”

               - Irene Pickel, partner, Pickel Legal, Bowral, Southern Highlands


“I have known Ms Zoe Durand for many years in various professional settings including solicitor, ICL, mediator and presenter.


I have always found Ms Durand to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and approachable with a keen interest in resolving matters.


In her most recent role as mediator, my client engaged Zoe to preside over a difficult family law matter involving complex issues that had affected the family for many years and caused the breakdown of the relationship.  Zoe was understanding of my client’s position and anguish and assisted me and the other solicitor in negotiating a reasonable property settlement for the parties and avoiding lengthy court times and legal costs.


Zoe made my client feel comfortable, confident in her advice and satisfied with the resolution.


I would highly recommend Zoe for any role as a mediation/arbitrator and with her wealth of legal experience, kindness and empathy towards clients she would be an asset in any role.”

               - Agatha Satala, principal, Agatha Satala and Associates


“Recently I represented a party in a family law mediation conducted by Zoe Durand. The mediation involved both parenting and property matters and was run over a number of hours by way of shuttle style.


Zoe from the start outlined her role and the objectives of the proceedings to our client and emphasised the benefit of finding a possible outcome on the day. Zoe listened well and was understanding of our client's circumstances and her warm and calm demeanour quickly gained the trust of our client.


While the mediation was held by shuttle style, Zoe brought both legal practitioners together to understand their respective positions and applied a significant amount of reality checking to the positions put forward.


Zoe's strengths are her strong communication skills and easy paced nature which ensured that a positive and fair resolution was found in this difficult matter.


Buckley Lawyers would have no hesitation in recommending Zoe for any type of family law dispute and we will continue to call upon Zoe's services in the future.”

- Matthew Buckley, Principal, Buckley Lawyers


“I believe Zoe has an exceptionally professional and objective approach to mediation. In my experience, Zoe shows no favour to either party and provides an objective assessment of the respective parties’ cases. She assesses the relative strength and weaknesses of each party’s case and facilitates the parties arriving at a position that is within range of what the court may order if called upon to do so. I highly recommend Zoe”.

               - Sim Moore, Principal, Sim & Co Legal Services


"Hi Zoe.  I have now had the opportunity to do a number of mediations with you and each one has been conducted in a smooth and efficient manner.  You have been able to easily identify issues in dispute, focus the attention on the best way forward to resolve the issues and also work with the clients and explore different perspectives and approaches to achieve a fair outcome.  I look forward to continuing to use your services in the future".

- Andrew Larque, Marsdens Law Group


“Zoe was very professional and did an excellent job in ensuring that discussions between the parties and legal practitioners remained constructive. Zoe made our client feel comfortable, while still being realistic as to an achievable outcome. Zoe assisted immensely in reaching a settlement in a property and parenting matter that had already been litigated for two years. We would highly recommend Zoe as a mediator.”

               - Montana Mosca and Jean Alim, Marsdens Law Group


“Dear Zoe,

I refer to the above matter and to the successful mediation that was conducted today. 

I have to say that having attended and participated in many mediations in my 10 years of practice, this was a great event. The way the mediation was conducted by you was simply amazing. The whole session was smooth and it flowed spontaneously and effortlessly. My client was so happy that I will definitely recommend you to anyone. The success today is attributable only to you. 

All the best and keep in touch. I look forward to working with you again.”

               - Vaikom Sundar Rajeev, Vaikom Law


“Zoe is a pragmatic and insightful mediator who works tirelessly to resolve disputes.  She is a delight to work with and we will continue to engage her services. Thanks Zoe for the wonderful results.”

               - Kylie Burke, Partner, Burke & Mangan Lawyers


“Dear Zoe,

Thank you for having accepted the role of being the mediator for this matter. We appreciate your time and efforts.

We would like to express our gratitude to you for attending to the mediation in a courteous, polite, professional manner. We found your methods very professional, well thought out and conciliatory.

Thank you kindly and looking forward to working with you in future.”    

               - Alexandra Wilcock and Pamela Cominos, Cominos Family Lawyers



"Zoe is an incredibly objective and compassionate mediator. In a recent mediation Zoe was committed to exploring all avenues to get to the underlying issues. It was a matter that looked doomed from the start but Zoe was able to find something the parties could move forward on. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in persisting in what was a particularly difficult matter."

- Katrene Halteh, Partner, Urban Family Lawyers


“I have used Zoe as a mediator and would describe her as enthusiastic and committed in the way she approaches her work. She struck me as being absolutely committed to doing everything in her power to ensure the parties reached a settlement and this sort of "hands on" approach is a very valuable attribute in a family law mediator. She obviously has a great understanding of the issues from her years in practice but it is her very practical and relatable style that I think works best in family law matters. I have no hesitation in recommending her for family law mediations."

- Andrew Capelin, Partner, Capelin Lawyers


“I have been practicing in the area of Family Law since 1997.

During my period of practice, I have engaged a number of Family Law Mediators for the purpose of assisting clients resolve issues pertaining to the division of matrimonial property and/or parenting matters.

I have previously utilised the services of Zoe Durand as a Family Law Mediator and on each occasion I have found Zoe to be professional, compassionate, empathic and extremely focused.

I would highly recommend Zoe Durand as a Family Law Mediator.”

- Paul Mereniuk, Partner, Peninsula Law, Central Coast


“Hi Zoe, thank you so much for your assistance with our matter. I really appreciate the time and effort you put in especially booking the mediation urgently and the short amount of time you had to conduct intake sessions. Through your assistance we were able to settle parenting matters on a final basis and my client is grateful for that.”

- Monique Loveday, Senior Associate, Frank Law


“Zoe was the mediator in a particularly complex parenting matter where we were able to achieve an outcome in the best interests of the children. Her experience and active role in the mediation contributed strongly to achieving that outcome. As an ICL and experienced family lawyer I couldn't recommend her strongly enough.”

               - Warrick Hawkins  


“Zoe possesses all traits of a good mediator. She is understanding, patient and trust worthy. She is willing to spend time really drilling down the issues and understand the hidden barriers that prevent the parties from reaching agreement. She is able to pass the parties' offers and opinions in a constructive way so it is easier for it to be accepted. I strong recommend Zoe and I look forward to working with her again.”


“Dear Zoe

Thank you for conducting our recent shuttle mediation.  My client had contacted you independently and I was impressed with the setting out of your services on your website. My first impressions were reinforced during our telephone intake sessions and then again during the course of the mediation itself.  You were personable towards the client in explaining the way the mediation would work and emphasising everyone’s role in the mediation.  You dealt with the parties and the legal representatives throughout the course of the mediation with professionalism and expertise.”

               - Nyree Deirmendjian, Partner, EH Tebbutt & Sons Lawyers


“Zoe, thanks for your help. You were professional, easy to work with and great at identifying the main issues for the parties. You really are a great mediator who gets straight to the point to help parties resolve their issues.”

               - Jessica Strangio, Access Law Group


“Dear Zoe,

Thank you for your assistance at the mediation for my client.  It has been a long protracted matter and you were able to understand the nuances of the clients and their disagreements to help them agree.  I also appreciated your persistence in that you continued the mediation up until the time an agreement was signed.  Your approach was tailored to the clients and you were pleasant and impartial.  I would certainly recommend you as a mediator. 

Kind Regards.”

- Anne Day, Anne Day & Associates Lawyers  


“Dear Zoe, thank you for your assistance with our recent mediation. At the commencement of the mediation there did not seem like a resolution would be reached. You worked very hard (and late) in a difficult parenting matter to reach a resolution.”

- Luke Meehan, Holmes Donnelly


“Hi Zoe,

I trust you are keeping well. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. It was a difficult matter and I do not believe it would have resolved without your assistance. I think it is a great outcome without having to commence proceedings.

Many thanks and I hope to see you in person again soon.”

- Harpreet Bawa, Justice Family Lawyers


“Thank you Zoe for your professionalism and persistence in our recent mediation.

It is difficult when one party is self- represented, but you clearly outlined the processes for the day for the parties and managed the shuttle process so smoothly. Your sensitivity and strong communication skills allowed the parties to reach agreement very lengthy negotiations.

It was a pleasure to work with you and we are grateful for your expertise as an objective Mediator who is willing to take the extra time and effort to assist the parties reach a settlement. Look forward to working with you again. “

- Penny Ling, Cominos Family Lawyers


I would like to express my gratitude for your efforts in the property settlement mediation. The intake session with my client prior to the day assisted them in feeling at ease and after the mediation they reported that they were very happy with how the mediation was run. You ran the mediation in a fair and impartial manner, while also adding input where required. Importantly, you were extremely empathetic towards and my client and made her feel listened to and at ease while delicate issues were discussed. Thanks again for your assistance and I look forward to working with you again in the future.” 

- James Nelson


“I can’t recommend Zoe enough as a patient and thoughtful mediator.  She puts the parties at ease from the beginning of the day and at the end of the day she is still working hard to bring about a resolution. 

               - Kathy Matri, East Coast Family Lawyers


“We used Zoe in a matter recently and with her assistance we were able to resolve a matter which did not appear from the outset to be able to be resolvable but with her guidance and pragmatic approach we were able to get there in the end and a bonus was that her fees are affordable for most clients. We will definitely use her service again.”

               - Nicola Benbow, Sharon Moss Legal


“We engaged Zoe as mediator in a complex parenting and property matter. With Zoe’s exemplary negotiation skills we were able to resolve the property aspect of the matter which was a great relief for our client. I highly recommend Zoe’s services. She made our client feel comfortable, respected, and heard throughout the mediation.”

                - Jessica Koot


"I have had the pleasure of engaging Zoe in both parenting and property family law mediations. Zoe is extremely knowledgeable across all areas of family law and displays a calm presence to clients during their mediation but is also ready and willing to take control where necessary to ensure that all matters are resolved by the end of the mediation. We have managed to resolve all matters with Zoe's assistance as mediator and highly recommend her services."

               - Melody van der Wallen, Family Law Matters


“Hi Zoe, thank you for your assistance with the complex matter that you were engaged in as our mediator. It was clear from the outset that you were across the issues and appreciated the sensitivity that was required for a young boy who was the centre of a complex dispute between a biological parent and a non-biological parent. It was a credit to you that a resolution was able to be reached and the parties were able to avoid their relationship deteriorating further through litigation. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

- Alison Brown, Special Counsel, Armstrong Legal


 “Zoe from Mediation Answers was referred by the other side during family law mediation and we are so glad she was one of the few who responded immediately. From the beginning, Zoe maintained a level of professionalism, empathy, and compassion. Once the mediation commenced, there was instantly sense of warmth and feeling comfortable for the client and practitioners, which helped lower barriers, collectively. Due to Covid restrictions, the session was run through zoom, however, Zoe managed the waiting room incredibly. Would recommend and use Zoe's services again.”

               - Chloe Grace


“Zoe was great at understanding the issues in dispute and tackling them head on. She showed empathy in a way that aided resolution of the conflict and showed great consideration for the matter even following the mediation.”

               - Sam Hutchinson, Coleman Greig

“I have found Zoe's approach to mediations as being unique and special. In my experience with Zoe as mediator in various matters, I have observed Zoe's wonderful ability to combine her experience and knowledge as a family lawyer with her compassion and empathy as a human. Zoe goes above and beyond the call of duty with the time and energy she puts into her role as mediator, and the feedback I have received from clients about Zoe has always been positive. I would have no hesitation in recommending and proposing Zoe as mediator in future and I look forward to her continued assistance in resolving high conflict and complex family law disputes.”

               - Nora Michael, Nora Michael Family Lawyers


Zoe, thank you so much for your fantastic effort during the recent Mediation. This one was a particularly difficult financial settlement involving an inheritance. I believe that your approach and methodology in looking behind the figures / percentages and into what was important to each party and his/her driving motivation truly helped them reach a final resolution and move on with their lives. You were compassionate with my client whilst also being pragmatic and solution focussed. I found your dedication in sticking around until Jean and I had finalised the Consent Orders to be commendable given that we were drafting up until 7:00pm that evening! I have one very relieved client who is looking forward to starting this next chapter of his life. Thank you.

- Catherine Piotrowski, Hills Family Law Centre


“Dear Zoe. Thank you for your assistance at mediation. Your on-going effort, structure and approach throughout the day greatly assisted in the parties and solicitors to reach an amicable and fair outcome. You were realistic about possible court outcomes with the range of issues in dispute and you provided a great depth of knowledge and skills to enable us to settle the matter. I would not hesitate to engage you for future mediations and will recommend you to others.”

               - Vanessa Barnsley, Armstrong Legal


“I have found that Zoe's approach to conducting mediations has been very comforting to clients immediately from the intake stage.  She is able to assist parties in navigating their journey through a positive experience by exploring a range of outcomes appropriate for all parties involved.  Thank you Zoe for being so approachable and easy to work with in this industry.”

- Carla Sechi, Marsdens Law Group

“I have used Ms Durand on a number of occasions. Ms Durand mediated with diligence, was across the brief and the issues and was able to keep the mediation moving forward even in circumstances where the parties were appearing to become recalcitrant. I have found her to be effective and able to arrive at binding outcomes. I have no hesitation in recommending Ms Durand for mediations and I would certainly be using her again in the future to conduct family law mediations on behalf of my clients.”

- James Jordan, Jordan Djundja Lawyers


“Dear Zoe,

Thank you for your assistance in mediating this matter.

You set a clear, strong, agenda from the outset, and it made the parties consider some of the finer details to be clarified in mediation before they attended – this ultimately helped with obtaining an outcome at the end of the day.

You were very systematic to the agenda, making progress through each point of discussion in a practical sense.

You had a lot of time to hear the opinions and thoughts of my client and stepped through some difficulties in an efficient and reasonable manner, which was greatly appreciated by both myself and my client.

Thank you for your patience, professionalism, and support during this matter, and I hope to work with you again soon.”

               - Danielle Henderson, Sydney Legal Advisers


I just want to say thank you for the mediation. You were clearly prepared and conducted the negotiations in such a professional yet empathetic manner. It was tense at times, but you assisted the parties to hear each other and post importantly focus on the children. I must say I wasn’t sure an agreement would be achieved in this particular case, so thanks again and look forward to working with you next time.

               - Tara Mooney, Tsolakis Solicitors 


“To say that Zoe Durand is an excellent mediator is an understatement. Zoe harnesses her experience as a family lawyer, Independent Children's Lawyer and commercial lawyer in her mediation practice. She is able to provide distinctive solutions to each client's matter. In my experience of using Zoe as a mediator she has ensured that both parties have felt heard. She is well prepared and understands the crux of the issues at hand. Zoe is an involved mediator, she drives the mediation and ensures that the issues are resolved, while making sure the mediation runs on schedule.   

Zoe has the capacity to use mediation as an effective tool in family law disputes. She allows clients to tailor the resolution to their dispute. Zoe is outcomes focused, she helps her clients facilitate agreed upon Consent Orders, signed by both parties on the day of mediation. Mediation with Zoe is an effective use of the solicitors’ time and the clients funds.

               - Bharty Baskaran

“Zoe was able to successfully navigate between two polar opposite parties throughout the day of mediation including conducting a joint session which while more therapeutic then legal, allowed both parties to identify the root causes of their conflict and bring about an agreement which ultimately addressed many of the parties' concerns. The mediation was successfully conducted interstate and via zoom following closely to an agenda and timeframe agreed between the parties. Zoe encouraged dialogue between the parties rather than simply having the lawyer's speak which gave the client's much more agency over their decisions and ultimate agreement. I have no hesitation of including Zoe in future panels for Sydney based matters.   

               - Ruby Priestly, Stone Group Lawyers


“I recently represented a client who had a difficult property matter. Zoe Durand was our mediator during the course of a full day mediation. Zoe is an excellent mediator, her approach to the mediation was quite unique, refreshing, but very professional and effective. She showed good understanding and tenacity but also exhibited great communication skills which kept her well-connected to the flow of the mediation, the participants and the lawyers involved. Although the mediation was by Microsoft teams (I am based in Darwin and Zoe is based in Sydney), communication between all involved was excellent throughout. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Zoe for future mediations and I look forward to my next mediation with her.”

               - Julian Barry, Darwin Family Law


"I recently had my first mediation before Zoe. With a client who had a very set position in mind, Zoe was caring and pragmatic. This approach greatly assisted the parties in reaching a final agreement, which was unexpected at the commencement at mediation. Thank you Zoe for your care, thoughtfulness and understanding to both parties and solicitors. We could not have done it without you!"

- Cassandra Bujaroska


"Zoe, your fair and pragmatic approach in conducting the mediation enabled the two parties to effectively come to a settlement. In circumstances where the matter had been overly prolonged, your skills and expertise pushed the parties to 'come to the table' and reach a resolution. Your dedication to your work is very evident, which makes me look forward to working with you again in future."

- Luisa-Maria Maroun, Sage Solicitors


“Zoe is a very talented and proficient mediator. In particular, she has wholly resolved every single one of the several matters that I have both been involved in. When speaking to other practitioners I am aware that she has a remarkable settlement rate across the board.

She has a kind, yet firm and directive approach at mediation. I have relied upon Zoe for a number of highly complicated parenting and property matters, including some where the parties were substantially far apart.


She has always provided outstanding assistance in reaching a final resolution of the matter.

Zoe has the magic touch with clients being an ability to really listen and understand what the obstacles are and then dissolve those barriers to resolution. She has a unique ability to structure the mediation so that issue A unlocks issue B, unlocks issue C in a way that flows and feels effortless, but no doubt takes planning and skill.

In addition to her effective interpersonal skills, I have found that Zoe’s extensive knowledge and experience as a practitioner allows her to engage with and effectively resolve highly complex and technical issues. She is always pleasant to work with and I would highly recommend her to those requiring a skilful and experienced mediator.” 

               - Greg Mclellen, Justice Family Lawyers

'Zoe is such a pleasure to work with. Both mediations that I have had have settled with a positive outcome. She takes the time to understand each party's positions and also their perspectives. She encourages the parties to narrow the issues and to negotiate in that sphere. During one mediation, she continued to check in on the progress even after the mediation had ended and she had another session afterwards. I would recommend her and her services to my colleagues. Thanks Zoe.”

               - Sandra Banjamin, O’Sullivan Legal


"Zoe works extremely hard to get the matter settled and is always suggesting practical alternatives for the client's to consider. Zoe makes sure that each party feels heard and allows them to raise and canvass issues that are important to them. Zoe is a pleasure to work with and I will definitely be using her mediation services again!"

               - Savanna Bull, East Coast Family Lawyers


"Zoe is a wonderful mediator, she is experienced and knowledgeable which allows for parties to come to the table with reasonable offers that steer them away from litigation. She gently motivates and encourages the parties, with a focus on the benefits of dispute resolution, ensuring that personal issues are set aside, and all parties concentrate on the issues at hand."

               - Valentia Tahmizian, Legal One


“Dear Zoe

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your time and effort yesterday throughout the Mediation.

We were very happy with the structure of your Mediation, particularly because it provided guidance as to how the day would run. It also gave the parties and practitioners a time frame and set a clear tone for the day. Your intake assessment leading up to the Mediation date was new to me, but I believe it was a fantastic idea. It really put my client in a positive head space before the Mediation and it made him feel a lot more comfortable as he was able to connect and build rapport with you.

We also appreciated your drive and encouragement towards the parties to settle on the day. You clearly outlined to the parties the best and worst case scenarios, both in Meditation and court proceedings. This really encouraged my client to settle.

Although there was some difficulty in reaching an agreement at one stage, the parties finally came to an agreement. Our client reflected and was extremely happy with the outcome.

During the intake assessment, you requested the parties to deliver a (non-compulsory) opening statement to set the tone for the day. For our client, his opening statement was, in summary, “to settle today, move on and keep it out of court.” We confirm this was reached satisfactorily for him.

Our client is also very happy that he has saved any further legal costs now that he has not proceeded to court litigation. Our client is looking forward to a fresh start.

We are extremely grateful for your assistance in helping the parties resolve their family law dispute.”

               - Raween Albarouki, Johnsons Law Group


“My firm and I have engaged Zoe for her mediation services on numerous occasions. Zoe is professional and personable in her approach to each matter. Zoe is excellent at engaging and connecting with clients, and explains the process clearly at her pre-mediation conference and at the start of her mediations. I would highly recommend Zoe for her family law mediation services.”

               - Sean Bunnell, Marsdens Law Group


“Zoe Durand is a dedicated and committed mediator. Zoe is willing to go the extra mile to help parties resolve matters amicably and without court intervention. Zoe mediated and resolved a matter which was ongoing for years by creating a collaborative mediation environment and her experience as an independent children's lawyer was able to help the parties navigate their parenting dispute.”

- Donna Nguyen, Unified Lawyers


" Zoe brings a sense of assured guidance to the Mediation and provides a structured process that focuses on collaboration amongst practitioners and their clients to achieve a fair settlement. I would highly recommend Zoe as a Mediator and I look forward to her continued assistance in the future with our family law mediations."

- Belinda Fimmano, Fimmano Lawyers

“Zoe is a professional and productive mediator. She is resolution focused and goes to all lengths to ensure the clients achieve a result. I personally use Zoe in many family law complex property and parenting matters and I strongly recommend Zoe to all my prospective clients. Thank you Zoe for constantly producing successful results with my clients!

- Vayshalli Chandra, Marsdens Law Group


“We have undertaken a number of mediations with Zoe for both parenting and property settlements. I have always found her approach pragmatic and practical. Zoe is always willing to come up with out of the box solutions to try to assist separating families reach an agreement and avoid (or exit) the family law system. Zoe's passion for mediation really shines through and we highly recommend her services.”

               - Kristal Naividi, Coastal Lawyers


“I have no hesitation in recommending Zoe as a mediator. She is efficient and empathetic in her approach and quickly put my client at ease. It was obvious that Zoe was well prepared for the mediation and had read all relevant material. Zoe's expertise both in family law and as a mediator was instrumental in settling our matter. Thank you Zoe!”

               - Katie Vardanega, Johnson Vardanega Lawyers

“Zoe is an experienced and focused negotiator who has an excellent knowledge of the family law principles underpinning the mediation process.  She is also a pleasure to work with.  I would not, and do not, hesitate in recommending Zoe to my clients and those needing the assistance of an experienced family law mediator.”

               - William Boyce, Boyce & Boyce

"Zoe is a great mediator. Very knowledgeable, yet down to earth and approachable. Zoe was instrumental in keeping the mediation resolution focused and helping the parties reach agreement."

               - Sebastian Flaherty-Tesoriero, Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers


“Thanks for solving the unsolvable. Your empathic and charismatic interaction with lawyers and clients was a game changer. It was great to work with a facilitator who was well prepared with impeccable knowledge of a very sensitive and difficult case, which made the undoable doable. Money and time well spent. I will be sure to recommend you to clients in the future.”

               - Cheryl Orr, Cheryl Orr Family Law


“I look for several things in a mediator, among them is their knowledge of the law, their temperament, their engagement with the dispute/the parties, and the management of the mediation.

Zoe excelled in each of these areas, and was a great mediator to work with. I was thoroughly impressed by her professional approach and to the smoothness of the process. I would highly recommend Zoe to future clients and other practitioners without hesitation.”

               - Daniel Rod, Ramsden Lawyers


"Zoe approaches her task as mediator with logic, compassion and most importantly, practicality. My client had the considerable benefit of Zoe's assistance during a recent mediation. Zoe had the ability to converse with my client on a human level and explain complex legal issues to him in plain English which he was able to understand and comprehend. Zoe's remains completely impartial throughout the mediation and has an innate ability to engage the parties in genuine attempts to resolve even the most difficult of disputes. I hope that many more of my clients will benefit for attending mediations with Zoe in the future".

- Jared Kadar, Jordan Djundja Lawyers


“Zoe's considered and empathetic approach during the mediation made my client feel at ease and listened to and ultimately led to a resolution between the parties.  Zoe is knowledgeable, experienced and is able to build a good rapport with parties and their representatives. I would not hesitate to use Zoe again and would recommend her to clients and colleagues.”

               - Charlotte Sterling, Long Saad Woodbridge Lawyers


“Zoe came recommended to me by colleagues in the profession and after having her conduct a Mediation for me today I can see why.


Both my client and I felt at ease with Zoe and felt that she made the most of the available time. Whilst the matter was unable to be resolved today, through no fault whatsoever of Zoe, a clear roadmap was laid for the future progression of the matter and other avenues which could be explored to resolve it.


The issues in the case were highlighted early by Zoe and this aided the parties significantly in narrowing the ambit of their dispute. Much like a Registrar or even a Judge of the Court, Zoe ensured that key matters of evidence, procedure and policy were applied and dealt with appropriately. There was a clear understanding of what was happening and what needed to be done, and such certainty was refreshing and welcomed in the Mediation setting. The overarching focus was on a realistic outcome, subject to some compromise on both sides, which is how it really should be. Neither party was favoured and there was a clear balancing by Zoe of competing interests throughout the Mediation.


“I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Zoe’s services to my colleagues and clients and look forward to having her conduct more Mediations for me in the future.”

- Nicholas Bruno, O’Loan Family Law


We engaged Zoe to mediate a family law property and parenting matter for our firm. The parties were very far apart in their desired outcomes. Our client was doubtful that an agreement would be able to be reached on the day. Zoe worked tirelessly all day and took a very proactive approach to the point an agreement was able to be reached. Zoe’s experience and skill were evident throughout the entire process.

- Ashlee Edwards, Mason Lawyers


As a legal practitioner and having experience with other mediators, I can honestly say that Zoe is one of the most practical and forward thinking mediators I have come across. 

From the intake interview process to the structure of the mediation, Zoe guided the clients to a position that was child focused and reasonable. It's clear that her experience as an ICL assisted greatly in this matter.  Would definitely recommend again.” 

- Jabour Haddad, Hammond Nguyen Turnbull 


Zoe was a first class mediator! She helped bring the parties  together who were at polar opposites and  chartered a way forward where it was thought none was possible. She was hands on and actively navigated the parties through the dispute. Settlement would not have been possible without her.

               - Werrdan Khoury, Benjamin & Khoury Solicitors & Attorneys


“Zoe was brilliant! The pre-mediation sessions made us much more organised and made us think about the matter early on.  Zoe was very caring and compassionate with the client. She was assertive with the lawyers too (when needed)! Zoe's practical nature enabled us to cut to the chase early on, which helped us resolve both parenting and financial matter in a full day Mediation session. I would not hesitate in recommending Zoe. Thanks for your help Zoe!”

- Nicole Quirk, Solari & Stock Lawyers

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Zoe Durand as Mediator in a property and parenting matter. The matter was highly emotive and Zoe was able to use her skill and experience to guide the parties to reach a sensible outcome on all matters.”

- Beth Agar, Watts McCray Lawyers

“It is with great gratitude to express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional mediation services provided by Zoe. Throughout out work, we represent clients in complex and delicate disputes and I had the privilege of working closely with Zoe, and I can confidently say that her expertise and dedication played a pivotal role in achieving the best possible outcome for my client.


From the outset, Zoe displayed remarkable professionalism and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in the case. Her approach was not only thoughtful but also empathetic, creating a comfortable and safe environment for all parties to express their concerns and aspirations openly. Zoe's adeptness in establishing effective communication channels allowed for constructive dialogue between the disputing parties, paving the way for a successful resolution.


One of the most remarkable qualities that set Zoe apart was her ability to remain impartial and unbiased throughout the entire mediation process. She ensured that each party had a fair and equal opportunity to present their perspectives and engage in meaningful negotiations. Zoe's commitment to maintaining neutrality was commendable and undoubtedly contributed to building trust among all participants.


Furthermore, I was truly impressed by Zoe's remarkable efficiency in handling the mediation. Time was of the essence in this case, and Zoe met every deadline with exceptional promptness. Her keen attention to detail and expert guidance streamlined the process, ensuring that we achieved a favourable resolution in a timely manner.


Not only did Zoe navigate the legal intricacies with precision, but she also demonstrated a keen awareness of the emotional toll that such disputes can take on individuals. She offered invaluable support to my client, providing them with much-needed reassurance and a sense of hope throughout the challenging journey.


In the end, thanks to Zoe's remarkable expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to facilitating a fair and just resolution, my client was able to achieve an outcome that exceeded our expectations. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Zoe's mediation services to anyone seeking a skilled and compassionate professional to guide them through difficult times.”

- Mona Ayoub, Pope & Spinks Solicitors


 I have used Zoe Durand's services for both property and parenting mediations on multiple occasions. I have found her great to deal with, very helpful especially within high conflict matters. She is not afraid to have frank conversations with parties, which overall assists in achieving successful outcomes.

               - Maria Valenzuela, Hammond Nguyen Turnbull 


"Thank you for your efforts in assisting our client and the other party to achieve a resolution of their long-standing parenting litigation matter at their recent mediation.

You showed great respect, professionalism, and impartiality during the mediation and at the same time conducted the day in a relaxed and friendly manner. Both the clients and solicitors were able to look at the issues from a different perspective and ultimately the parties agreed on final parenting orders.

Your communication was clear, and you listened attentively to the parties and their solicitors to gather information and worked hard to focus the parties on appropriate solutions that would benefit the parties' children.

You encouraged us to reduce the Agreement to writing on the same day and overall, I was very impressed with the entire mediation process. I look forward to working with you again in future mediations.” 

- Chris Lapointe, Lapointe Family Law

"Thank you for your assistance, Zoe. The intake conference with my client built trust, confidence, and set expectations appropriately. The mediation itself was well facilitated, even handed, and had meaningful client engagement. Wonderful to see the parties reach agreement!"

- Jonty Boshier, Hennessy Dowd Lawyers

“Thank you Zoe for your insight and expertise as a mediator in our recent family law mediation. You got the parties talking, kept the process moving, listened to the parties and helped them achieve an outcome which worked for both sides. Many thanks!

               - Rosalie Galluzzo, Galluzzo Lawyers


"Zoe has a wonderful ability to listen, empathise and guide parties through the most difficult of family law disputes. She is flexible and adaptable in her approach and assists parties in thinking 'outside the box' to reach mutually beneficial resolutions."

               - Fiona Giannakopoulos, Bardwell Park Lawyers


“I have used Zoe for several mediations including both property and parenting matters. Zoe is a warm and engaging mediator who has the ability to speak to clients from a different perspective and connect with them on their level. Whilst very knowledgeable about family law, Zoe also combines this with a practical and sensible approach to mediating family law disputes"

- Cassandra Youssef, Rafton Family Lawyers


“I write this letter to thank you for all your professional help over the many years I have known you. You are selfless with your time and guidance by your knowledge and experience. It is always a delight when you are a mediator in matters where I have been instructed.

I am so impressed by your organisation meaning how you structure the mediations, the attention to detail and preparedness for the curve balls that get thrown at mediations, yet those curve balls do not catch you by surprise.
My clients who have been involved in mediations with you at the helm have all commented on your compassionate approach from intake to completion of the mediation with one client stating: "Well I did not get what I wanted but I was heard."
This comment demonstrates just how great you are at being a mediator and very much respected not only by myself and my colleagues but also by those who we seek to assist.”

- Wayne Condon, Condon Legal

“Thank you for assisting our clients during what is a very stressful time in their lives. Your process was methodical yet personable, and your empathy made my client feel very comfortable and assured.

Given the parties' positions were so far apart, I was especially impressed with how you were able to narrow the issues and close the gap to ultimately reach an agreement.

I will continue to propose your services in all my mediations, and I will certainly recommend your services to other practitioners. See you on the next one. Kind Regards.”

 - Jamie Roberts, Johnsons Law Group


Zoe is simply unmatched as a mediator. She is extremely well-rounded, presenting a conscientious resolve to reach the best possible outcome in every negotiation, along with a forthright and efficient communication style. Simply put, there can be no embellishment in words when it comes to Zoe's excellence in this field. She has refined family law mediation into an art.”

- Lucia Naim, Kammoun Sukari Lawyers


Zoe, I could not thank you enough for assisting the parties to resolve their property matter.  Your insight and knowledge in family law was evident in your discussions with the solicitors and with the parties. I appreciated your firm, yet empathic approach in this mediation with highly sensitive and emotional parties. Could not recommend you enough. Thank you.

- Masood Salehi, One Law

"I recently had Zoe as a mediator in a property and parenting matter, involving international relocation, international properties, and a complex pool involving investment properties with complicated CGT positions. Both parties were firm in their positions, and throughout the course of a very long day, dug their heels in on various issues. Zoe worked independently with both parties, and their legal representatives, and at 6 PM on a Friday night, was able to wrangle a settlement that was both in the best interest of the children, and was a just and equitable property division between the parties. Zoe's knowledge of the court processes, likely outcomes, and likely impact on the children of future court proceedings highlighted to both parties the importance of resolution. I am happy to recommend Zoe as a premium family law mediator."

               - Chauntelle Ingenito, Chalfont Chambers


I recently used Zoe's services for a family law property mediation. Zoe was a very engaged mediator and assisted the parties in reaching a resolution. I found her approach to the mediation process refreshing, and the way that she encouraged the parties to reflect on a sensible outcome was extremely helpful. I would not hesitate to use Zoe again or recommend her for mediations.

               - Melissa Mastronardi, Mastronardi Legal


“Zoe is a passionate mediator that gives 100% when she turns up to assist the parties. Her aim at the start of the day is to find a way for parties in a dispute to pave a way forward that is less turbulent ultimately resulting in a better outcome for all.”

               - John Bui, JB Solicitors


"my experience of working with Zoe as a mediator in a matter involving both parenting and property issues has been nothing but entirely positive. Not only the parties settled after a long mediation but they were able to say nice things to each other in their closing statements (not so frequent) and they both thanked Zoe for her assistance and for making relevant and constructive suggestions all along the day."

- Delphine Rabet-Bray, KMJ Family Law


“The best thing about working with Zoe is that you know she is going to give 100% every single time that she works on a mediation. Like myself, she genuinely wants to see results and will work hard to ensure that parties have a change at resolving their matter. Can’t recommend Zoe highly enough.”

               - Hayder Shkara, Justice Family Lawyers

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