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Inside Family Law for Family Lawyers

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For a lay person navigating the Family Law system after a relationship breakdown, its complex processes, jargon and unfamiliar concepts can be daunting. 


Inside Family Law demystifies family law and empowers those embarking on the process.


In an easy to skim and read Q&A interview style, with highlighted tips throughout, Inside Family Law is conversational and still at a level that it is accessible for clients.


It provides clients with the closest possible experience to having a fireside chat with Judges, other experts and professionals they would not ordinarily be able to access. 

It gives clients real life "behind the scenes" information you cannot find in textbooks such as a practical breakdown of what actually happens on the day of the interviews with a psychiatrist or psychologist Court expert, step by step how to organisation of documents for your lawyer

to save time and money and much more. 



From now until 22 October 2018 you can purchase Inside Family Law on pre-order. 

Why pre-order?

For pre-order only there will be free shipping AND also we will donate $1 from each pre-order purchase to Justice Connect. 


All interviewees share their local knowledge and detail their best tips and wisdom for lawyers from the unique vantage point of their profession. 


There is also discussion of wider issues in family law, including some creative and surprising ideas for reformInside Family Law is useful for family lawyers wanting to enrich their understanding of the perspectives of Judges, other professionals in family law, and the clients they serve.

Inside Family Law includes, amongst many other topics:

  • Several Judges insights about strategy in family law matters, including analysing your client’s case, providing advice, preparation for Court, correspondence, preparation of evidence and the basic 4 questions you should give your client an answer to.

  • Judge's discussion of discretion in property matters, family violence (including preparing affidavit evidence in matters where family violence is alleged), child support, cross cultural issues, requesting Judicial Mediations (as of 2019), the Indigenous list in the Sydney registry of the Federal Circuit Court and one Judges hopes there will be a family law Indigenous list/Court in every registry.

  • Barristers tips in relation to drafting affidavits.

  • Expert psychiatrists and clinical psychologists on how they make diagnosis (such as personality disorders and how this can be determined after relatively brief meetings with the parties) and “behind the scenes” details as to how they prepare their expert reports (including the importance of documents and information lawyers provide them).  They also provide insights about attachment theory, ‘parental alienation’ and what clients can do about it, when family therapy is and is not useful, challenging expert's reports and cross examination and how to avoid over simplified “cookbook” approaches to psychiatry in family law matters.

  • Family consultants discussing the issue of bias in family reports.

  • Children’s contact supervisors on the process for private supervision and the purpose and content of supervision reports from their perspective.

  • Forensic accountants on the nitty-gritty of the process for preparing expert business valuations including a summary of the main methodologies used to value businesses and when each of these are appropriate, updating business valuations (and why it is not just a case of “putting in another financial year”) how to challenge expert reports, the process for tracking hidden monies, practical options for when there is a family business and tips for lawyers about working with forensic accountants.

  • Expert real property valuer’s tips on providing instructions to them and also for clients how for preparing the property prior to it being inspected.

  • The 2018 voted no. 1 wealth management adviser’s tips about considering the practical financial implications when parties divide their assets, including considering the “mix” of assets, tax implications and superannuation issues.

  • Creative and unexpected big picture ideas for reform from all interviewees (including Judges).

  • General discussion of surrogacy, adoption, international law issues, AVO's, Family Violence courts, BFA’s and many other issues in parenting and property matters and much more.

  • Firsthand stories from those who went through the process including how they perceived the process and what they regarded as both good and poor quality service from lawyers.


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